NorthBay Healthcare
Fairfield, CA

  • NMR Architects + Engineers
  • 13,700 sq. ft.
  • $3.9 Million
  • Completed: 2018

NMR Architects + Engineers provided tenant improvements for NorthBay Healthcare’s Outpatient Orthopedic, Rehabilitation and X-ray Center in Fairfield, CA.

The improvements offer NorthBay’s talented specialists an efficient, healing environment surrounded by nature where specialists can help Bay Area patients regain their active lifestyles through surgical and non-surgical solutions.

The Center was designed to provide quality healthcare experiences for patients by increasing workplace efficiency and reducing patient wait times. The layout of the Center allows specialists to see more patients in the same number of hours while maintaining an excellent standard of care. The inviting reception and waiting area is complimented by the active, vibrant artwork that inspires hope for patients seeking restoration of their active lifestyles.